Wine is a pleasure for everyone, a warm world for beginners and vintage experts alike. You don't have to be a sommelier or a winemaker to enjoy a glass, nor do you have to drink every day to enjoy the benefits of wine.

Since its launch, winemakers, wine merchants and sommeliers have all been equipped with Coravin. And even private individuals have discovered the practicality of the device, which allows them to taste several wines at the same time, without the risk of not finishing the bottle, and thus losing it. For a couple for example, one can drink red and the other white. No more questions to ask. Or in the evening, when you get home, you can pour yourself a glass of wine without wondering if the wine will still be good the next day. This convivial dimension is really a plus of this product.

Come and get it quickly at the Cave Vin sur Vin

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