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Le Comptoir du Vin sur Vin : 20/20 on quality and freshness

In the days when life was normal, I loved to go there to drink a good glass of wine, accompanied by oysters, or a cheese casserole and remake the world with my girlfriends. While waiting for the return of this vital addiction, one takes the fold to take it away, and thank you Bacchus, the Comptoir du Vin sur Vin excels in freshness and quality in this area.

To take it away refined!

What has always intrigued me at Le Comptoir du Vin sur Vin are the mature meat fridges. The explanations of David Gaultier, the passionate boss, made me salivate. These beautiful pieces of meat come from cattle that have eaten grass in the open air, which compacts their fat and makes the meat so soft. After 60-70 days of maturation at a refiner's, it is cooked on the spot, at the counter, in the embers oven by the 2 chefs, Xavier Rassion and Vincent Navetat. I can feel your taste buds wriggle, can't you?


They have worked alongside the greatest and still exchange regularly with some of the stars. Respectful of the fresh product, they decline them in different dishes that you can easily take away and reheat at home (more complicated with the prime rib which is much better on the spot, but let's be patient). For the moment, fall for the homemade sausage, the terrine of great chefs or the various take-away dishes. In any case, you will appreciate the quality and freshness.



A montblantesque cellar!


If I tell you 1500 references in the wine cellar, it leaves you speechless, doesn't it? I know, you say to yourself, would I have enough of a life to taste everything? Maybe not, but the two professional sommeliers in the cellar, opposite the counter, advise you with passion according to your tastes. And when normality resurfaces, we won't miss the tasting evenings to discover David Gaultier's favourite domains. 


For the time being, don't wither away and cherish the pleasures of life by appealing to your senses of taste and smell through the Comptoir's delicacies and take-out beverages.

Agnès Balmat, Mon petit Chamonix